Chapter 11 and 12 up

Dear friends

all chapters of the poem are up.

If anyone wishes to read it through and correct it for all sorts of errors let me know, Raman or i can mail the word files.

Chapter 10 has gone up.. just one more chapter to go up and the main poem will be over
thanx to our super duper typist Raman

Dear friends

As of today Chapter 8 entitled the Kharabat The Tavern has gone up.

Chapter 6 and Chapter 7

dear friends

as of now chapter 6 and chapter 7 have also gone up


we are reviewing the site

Dear Friends

have uploaded Ovation, Introduction and Summary of Omar Khayyam’s life under Introduction.

Chapter 4 and 5 up

Dear Friends

Ramans fast and furious typing means that he is sending me stuff faster than i can put it up.

Chapter 4 and 5 are up for your reading pleasure

Chapter 3 uploaded

Dear Friends

Raman has sent in the third chapter and it has been uploaded

The posts also now have spaces between the quartrains for your reading pleasure [ courtesy nag ]

Have also activated “comments” feature on this page if anyone feels like posting here


Dear all,

This could become a place for all of us to follow the progress of our Nectar of Grace project.

To start with have  posted the chapter 1 and chapter 2 typed out by Raman under Rubaiyat

Under Rubaiyat i will post all the text of the english translation

Under Introduction any of the text from the first part of the book that we want to include

Under Index all the indexing details which Nags is going to work out.

Under Journey any of the experiences / thoughts that we have had collectively while creating it

And finally Comments where we can have all posts on an ongoing basis so that at the end of the project we can look back.

The ability to post a comment has been activated only on the comments and journey sections

The idea is that anyway we need to progressively key in all that material – except for the arabic stuff – so as and when i receive this keyed in material from anyone i could post it under the appropriate head and hopefully we will see the book emerge.  Will add new heads as and when required

Please send me your entries as a word document to my mailforgeorge id.

Will update everyone through our usual mail route whenever something new has gone up